New Apartments for sale in Aldea Zama Premium

$ 227,420

The house of the lord of the powerful hand.
Evoking pre-Columbian roots, mentioned in the Mayan chronicles, “Nah”: House, and “Kabah”: powerful hand.
A unique concept in Tulum to enjoy the environment and mysticism of this magical town.

An oasis in the middle of the jungle with impressive attractions:
The turquoise color of the water, the white sand of its 9 kilometers of beautiful beaches and that nature in its pure state that conquers.

Surrounded by spectacular cenotes, and natural pools that can be in the open air or under caves, a true gift of nature. The ruins of the
archaeological zone of Tulum are a must for its peculiarity, the only Mayan pyramid facing the turquoise sea.

The best boutique hotels and beach clubs, each with special characteristics fused with nature and the environment, distinguish Tulum as a dream place. Tulum’s gastronomic scene is among the best in Mexico with original and exclusive restaurants with a special touch of local ingredients, the best Tulum place for a foodie in the entire Riviera Maya.

The KABANA TULUM CONDOS apartments have an ideal design for vacation rentals, because the units have a LOCK OFF system that allows to offer the entire apartment, or a section of it. This system allows direct access to each section, whether it is the Main Condo, the Lock Off Suite, or the Roof Garden Master Suite, and can be connected from inside the units.
Both the GARDEN HOUSE units, the CONDOS units, and some of the STUDIOS, can be divided into 2 rentable units. The PENTHOUSE units can have a DOUBLE LOCK OFF system, which allows 3 sections of the same apartment to be rented independently.
This system provides great flexibility for the owner, and for the guest depending on the size of their family or group, and is a great tool to enhance the profitability of the units offered f or rent.

Starting Price; 227,420.55 usd

DELIVERY ; July 2025

General Information
  • Deck
  • Roof Bar
  • Sky Pool
  • Yoga Site
  • Gym
  • Lobby
  • Elevator

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